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The Author
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Romans 8:38-39

Friday, November 25, 2011 @ 3:41 PM | leave a comment ( 0 )
          And suddenly it was like everything around us came to a halt. Like nothing else mattered except for the two of us. I watched him as he crossed the room making his way to me. I didn’t think it would happen again after all these years. But it did.

          I've spent all those years without him or with less of him thinking that what happened then was just us being young. Being caught with everyone in high school. And almost told myself that what I felt then was imaginary. That I imagined it all and it was not real. I thought I've moved on from it all but just feeling that gut feeling again even without seeing him made all the memories flood back. I suddenly felt every emotion we had back then. Love, hurt, happiness, sadness, longing...everything. And just catching a whiff of his smell again after how long felt so good. It is still the same scent of him that I knew before when we were young.

          He held out his hand and looked at me with that remarkable smile of him that was only for me, as I recall him saying. Then he looked at me straight in the eye asking that one question he asked a long time ago. And just like before, he looked past my eyes and deep into my soul.