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Wednesday, September 07, 2011 @ 1:44 PM | leave a comment ( 5 )
So probably anyone who knows me would know how I am so attached to the computer and some would know that though I'm no genius in computers, I'm a bit advanced in using it due to the fact that 1.) my dad is a computer programmer thus; 2.) we were exposed early to technology of such; and 3.) me and my brother seem to have a distinct characteristic of being able to adapt and learn quickly to the paces of the things going on around us, especially, the techie and geeky stuff. Add to the list the fact that we're kind of on the above average level when it comes to intellect, or so I think. Not to brag though. Back to what I was saying, maybe some would also know how I am not contented with only the basics. And still some would also know that I love to figure out how things work, what are they made of and how they are made.

And thus, all of that led to my new found love: WEB DEVELOPING. Or whatever it is they call it. Particularly with HTMLs, CSS, JavaScripts and the likes. I've been tinkering with HTMLs and CSS for quite some time now. If I remember right, I've been doing so ever since I started to blog. Or make blog sites without the actual blog in it. Haha. I've always been fascinated with computers, software, techie stuffs, the web and how it was made and you imagine the rest. It's like I also wanted to be making those things and sites I see on the Web. It's like I wanted to be my own Mark Zuckerberg, Ronald Wayne, Steve Jobs, Steven Wozniak or Bill Gates. I want to be a genius in the technology department.

Sometimes I think, since I am transferring universities, why not transfer to a course too which will help me achieve those dreams of mine? Like finish a degree in Computer Science, Computer programming (like my dad), or the more famous Information Technology. Maybe Multimedia Arts will do or the likes.

But I just can't decide that quick can I? I'm actually a Jack-of-all-trades (negative as that may seem, I view it as positive), so it's only natural for me to be interested and have the ability in sooooo many things. *Sigh* It's hard at times but I'm glad I'm one. After all, it's a God-given gift. :)

(I ALMOST DIED. I accidentally closed my browser without saving everything in it that needs to be saved, including this post. AHHHHHHH! I thought I 'd start all over again. Whew. What a relief!)

Back to the real topic of my post, I know I'd have to pray more fervently now so I don't make wrong decisions, or more like limit them knowing me. Haha. I'd appreciate prayers, tips, advice and stories related to this though. Thank you so much in advance.

- Princess HCR. ♥

P.S. *HAPPY DANCE FOR A LONG POST* Haha. Forgive me, I'm just ecstatic. Maybe the result of my chocolate indulgence last night is still in effect. Hmmm. :) And all this is the result of e not being able to find the most effective way to make an interactive and animated multi-header for my blog. HELP!