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Friday, April 30, 2010 @ 2:01 PM | leave a comment ( 0 )
Grabbed from my Facebook notes.



A lot of times we feel hurt, abused and unloved whenever we start to open up our hearts and learn to finally love again. We think that life and love is unfair because you never got the chance to be happy; because you never felt that the love you gave was ever reciprocated. We feel that we lose a big part of us by loving even though we know that this certain person we feel for feels nothing for you. But in reality? We gain more. We gain more because we learn how to cope up with the struggles love has to offer. We become stronger without us knowing it. It may not be right now, but sooner or later, we'll see that because of the hurt we've had in the past, we became a better person. And surprisingly, we realize that we became broken and shattered so that we can be whole again. So that we can be a whole new person, all ready for that one person God destined for us to spend a lifetime with. Love is sweet and yet it is bitter. It is the cause of one's happiness and at the same time the reason for another's suffering. It makes us laugh endlessly and cry for eternity. Love excites us but also scares us. Love make us broken and vulnerable but it also turn us into a better being. Love is magical. Love is full of mystery. Love makes the world go round. Love is present in every human being. But most of all, LOVE IS EVERLASTING. It never fades, it never leaves. It come and go but never shall it vanish. LOVE IS FOR ETERNITY. Wherever we go, whoever we meet and whatever we do, love will always be present. Love faithfully and wholeheartedly. In every failings, stand up and learn to love again. For love is a process we all have to go through until we are ready for God's will and plan for us. :)