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Thursday, January 09, 2014 @ 12:55 PM | leave a comment ( 0 )
First of all... HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! How was everyone's Christmas and New Year? Personally, I definitely had fun. This might be the best holiday season in my entire far. Haha.

But before I go on and proceed with what I am planning to say in this post, I would like to say sorry because I haven't been able to post anything here for more than a year. If you noticed (those who regularly visit my blog, of course. Thanks btw!), the last post I had for this blog is way back 2012. I had one post for 2013, but I had to delete it for some personal reasons. Anyway, like what I was trying to say. I'm very sorry. 2013 has been a wonderful year for me. And I just had to focus on some things offline. Good news is, I'm back! Yey!

So updates, updates. What has been going on my life for the past months? And what will be happening in the near future?

Update #1

I'm now a working girl! Officially, that is. Late 2013, I was able to snag a job as customer service associate or what others commonly know as call center agent. Funny thing is, this is a job I swore not to apply for before and yet now I'm actually enjoying it. But more on that some other time. So yeah, pretty much takes up most of my time in a day.

Update #2

I'm going somewhere this year. And I'm really, really excited. This is something I have been praying for for years and now it's going to happen. More details on posts to come!

Update #3

I've done some major changes to this blog if you notice. The layout, the posts. Almost everything. I had to delete some posts that I think is not benefiting to my readers. Although this is more of a journal for me, I still had the responsibility over my readers. If what I would be posting or have posted will not be or has not been a good influence to my readers, then it is my duty to take it off this site. Thus, why some posts have been deleted or some posts has been edited. I'm not done yet with editing the contents of this site yet. So bear with me, please. :)

Expect for more posts to be put up in this blog. I'm committing to this blog this year. Weeeeeeeeh. Haha. But seriously, I will be doing not trying my best to put up contents here for everyone to read. If you have any topics you would want me to talk about, feel free to message me at the email address provided somewhere at the side bar. :)

Anyway, I think that's it for now. I have to go and prepare for rehearsal and work. Bye everyone! Have a great day. God bless!

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